A home where we care for our planet and everyone who lives on it


just like home

We are profoundly convinced that feeling at home is the key to caring for the places we visit and the people we meet along the way.

B&B HOME was created out of a desire to offer warm and welcoming hotels that people can really get attached to. We believe that by celebrating the local skills, products and communities that make a place special, we can provide authentic and inspiring stays while protecting our planet.

For us, creating a hotel doesn’t mean rebuilding everything, but rather taking the time to bring life to a place by starting with what already exists. We have the flexibility to adapt our brand to each location, each establishment and each community.

Our commitment

good hands

Our team is always on the lookout for the details that make a difference: the comforting smell of freshly baked local bread, second-hand furniture with charm and, above all, community initiatives.

This mindset led us on a highly enriching journey that resulted in unexpected collaborations with small local businesses, craftspeople, and NGOs, from a couple of honey producers who care for their beehives on rooftops, to inspiring mamas determined to pursue their passion by launching a catering service that celebrates cuisines from multiple countries.

Our hotels

In a
good mood

We are passionate about challenges! You’ll always find a reason to smile in our hotels, whether it’s from the puns you’ll see everywhere or from our invitations (which we hope you’ll accept) to take part in our fun challenges to reduce your water consumption or break the record for the most eco-friendly breakfast.

Aligned with our purpose

Why “home”? “Eco” in “eco-friendly” and “ecology” comes from the Greek word oikos, meaning “house” or “home.” For us, living sustainably means caring for the planet as we would our own home.